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  • An example CSV to database Transfer. In this video I’ve transferred CSV data of regions and cities to the database.

  • Hello.
    Recently, I’ve received one more interesting task. I had to create the functionality to dynamically upload posts from the database using WP Calendar.
    On the video you can see the process of functionality creation.

  • WordPress Customizer. Social Buttons Functionality

    I’ve received quite interesting and a bit difficult task. Had to add an ability of social buttons creation via customizer on the WordPress website.
    I decided to shoot a video about the creation process.
    If coding is boring to you, there are lots of Jazz’s tracks on the video. 🙂
    Let’s start!

  • Let me show you an easy way to create an option in WordPress customizer.
    Sometimes you have to create one small thing on your website. For example, you want to allow the user to hide an element in a website layout.
    This feature can be implemented by WP Customizer.
    Let’s start!

  • Maksym Marko posted an update 3 months ago

    In my previous video I showed you how to create a WP theme using ACF.
    This video dedicated Gutenberg’s blocks. I’ll explain you, how to place HTML section to Gutenberg Block in your theme.
    P.S. I tried make the video as short as it possible 🙂